Hi! I’m Reyselle and I’m the Promdi Mommy. I live in a beautiful island province called Biliran. I am blessed to have two wonderful and unique kids – Joachim who is five years old and Lucas who is three years old, and a loving husband, Wendell. Joachim is a special needs child who was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. I created this blog to chronicle our journey as a family who is treading through life with a challenge.

Why the name Promdi Mommy? Promdi is a street lingo referring to “probinsyano or probinsyana” meaning somebody “from the province”. It somehow has a negative connotation as someone who is crude or classless. I would like to reinvent the name as someone who is from the province and is living the good life and savoring the wonders of unpolluted environment. Join me as I build this blog and share to the world the beauty of living in the province.



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