How To Get a PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) Birth Certificate

How To Get a PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) Birth Certificate

The Birth Certificate is a common pre-requisite to a lot of documentary processes not only here in the Philippines but around the world. From enrolling in school and to a Driver’s License application, a Birth Certificate is essential to the process of registration being a valid proof of identity. Most of us have the original of our Birth Certificate, the one from our local registrar, and if you think a photocopy of it is enough, think again. A lot of institutions will require a Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Birth Certificate printed in their special paper called SECPA or security paper with their logo. One example of which is the Department of Foreign Affairs, in the case of acquiring a passport. So, whether we like it or not, in some point of our lives, we will be required to get a PSA Birth Certificate.

In my case, I have to get a PSA Birth Certificate for my son Joachim because I applied for his passport with the DFA.

So, how do you get a PSA issued Birth Certificate? Just follow the steps I outlined below.

Walk-in Application for Birth Certificate

  1. Fill out the PSA Birth Certificate Application Form. You can either go to your local PSA office to get the form or download it online (edit: the downloaded form is not accepted in the local PSA branch here, I had to fill out the same form that came from them)
  2. Pay 140.00 for one copy at the PSA cashier.
  3. Wait for the release of your Birth Certificate, in my case, it took 3 business days. This is because our local PSA branch forwards all applications to the regional PSA office for the printing of the Birth Certificate. If you apply at their regional office, you get it after an hour.
  4. Claim your Birth Certificate at the PSA Branch, bring your receipt and valid I.D.

Online Application for Birth Certificate or E Census

If you are far from a PSA branch, you could apply online and they will send it out to you. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Step 1 and you will be directed to another page. Take the time to read the notes, then click “click here to request now.”
  3. You will be directed to the Terms and Conditions page, read up and click “I accept” at the bottom.
  4. Next will be filling out the Contact and Delivery Information.
  5. Confirm your details.
  6. After which you will be directed to Requests Summary, click on Birth Certificate.
  7. Fill out the name on the Birth Certificate and other details. If married female, use your maiden name. Click “save” when done.
  8. Confirm the details.
  9. You will be directed to the Requests Summary page. It will show the amount to be paid, the delivery address and contact details. You have the option to add another request such as Marriage Certificate, Death Certificate and CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) in case you want those documents processed together with your current request.
  10. After clicking “submit” you will be directed to the Acknowledgement page where your Batch Request Number will be shown. This information will also be sent to your email.
  11. The next step will be the payment. You have the option to pay through Unionbank or BDO either thru any of their branches or thru their online payment facility if you are enrolled in their online banking. For further information, here’s the link to the FAQs regarding

Birth Certificates DO NOT Expire

In a PSA press statement dated June 30, 2016 , they unequivocally denied the prevailing notion that birth certificates are only valid for a year. According to PSA, they may change their SECPA or security paper but the previously issued birth certificates are still valid regardless of the date issued. I have also talked to a DFA personnel in the Tacloban Regional Office and was informed that they do not require for the Birth Certificate to be issued not more than a year. As long as the PSA Birth Certificate is not torn or mutilated, they will accept it. She also clarified that the requirement for not more than a year issuance was for supporting documents such as the PSA Marriage Contract.


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